Friday, July 3, 2009

I love Fridays too

I know I complain a lot on this blog, but I'm not really an angry person. I'm incredibly happy with my life. My friends are amazing, I have DB, I'm healthy, I'm loved. Everything always seems to fall into place.

I read an amazing post by Courtney this morning. After reading it, I was feeling quite happy and motivated and full-of-love. I felt like blogging about it. Unfortunately, I don't have a way with words like Courtney. My mind went blank.

Then I read Jenn's post about love. I've decided to copy her idea (and give her credit for it - see link above - you should go read her list and then follow her blog - it's fantastic) and write out my very own love list.

Here goes.

Walking through the woods after its rained. Spending all morning in bed on the computer. Making people laugh when I don't mean to. Inspirational music. Making people laugh when I mean to. Receiving a phone call. Listening to music until I fall asleep. Learning a new song on the guitar. Coke. Victoria's Secret.

Breezy mornings. Finding crabs on the beach. Watching fireflies. New friends. People who have strong opinions. Participating in debates. Crushes. Singing in the car. The feeling I get after I exercise. Random compliments. When people remember the conversations they've had with me. Lazy Sundays. Going out on Saturdays.

Having a clean room. Burning incense. Brushing my teeth. Reading blogs. Dreams. My sister. The conversation I had last night with my Grandma. The pictures of Grandpa as a firefighter. When my mom talks about my dad without getting angry. Artists. Postcards. Friend requests on facebook. Sunlight. When people know my name.



Jenn said...

I love reading other people's love lists. Often times I find something in their list that I love. Of course I never remember to include it on the next one :

Thanks for the link love! I'll be adding you to my reader so I can keep up with your posts :)

Cheddar said...

I love love lists. Also that Emerson quote rules. Totally have that magnet. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

i'm completely flattered by your shout :)

and i love your list. singing in the car? crushes? best.

Jamie said...

I love love lists. I've got one drafted for next week :)

Kate said...

Such a great post, I just started doing this on my blog. Every Sunday I do a grateful post, things I was grateful for in the past week!