Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've been playing with it all day

Take a look at what DB brought me yesterday!!! For all of you who don't play guitar, this is a Zoom 505II Guitar Effects Processor Pedal. *a chorus of angels sing* Read more about it here.

It's mutha-flippin awesome! My guitar has come a long way from the mere instrument it used to be. Combined with my effects pedal, it has now become a rock machine, capable of (just about) anything. I sound exactly like Jimi Hendrix now, only better.

Haha, not.

I really am excited about this little gift though. Maybe I can figure out how to record music onto my laptop and share the wonders of the effects pedal with you guys.
Toodles, I'm off to rock.
By the way...
--Aunt Flo's giving me a scare. I expected to see her ugly face last Friday, but she still hasn't shown. *gulp*

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