Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remember when...?

We met in seventh grade.

One day in middle school she convinced me to skip class with her. We were lame and scared of being caught, and spent an hour in the bathroom reading graffiti. Later in high school, we would skip class weekly to catch up and eat fast food.

We double-dated to nearly every high school dance. She would style my hair, we'd arrive together, and she usually hosted a sleepover at her house afterwards.

I wasn't shy around her; she knew the 'real Taylor'.

She got me my first boyfriend. She was always a loudmouth, and as soon as she knew I fancied CN, he knew.

We've had our minor fights. She calls me a tree-hugging hippie (it's true) and I call her an egotistic bitch (also true). She boasts about her bigger boobs and I flaunt my thinner figure.

When the Cheffess turned to drugs and alcohol for company and left us, we bonded even more. We spent entire weekends together, talking and laughing all night.

She knows my quirks to the point that she does them before I do.

She's the only one who knows that I'm often unhappy with my relationship with DB.

We've made so many memories together it's hard to recall them all. I'm sure that after I post this, another hilarious or touching or simply blog-worthy memory will pop into my head and I'll be kicking myself.

The last day we spent together was Saturday. Crazygirl and her and I went to the beach, took pictures, sang off-key in the car, and spent one last night with each other, talking about the past.

Sunday afternoon was the last time I saw her. I tearfully hugged my best friend goodbye and wished her the best of luck with her new life in the Marines.

The only constant in life is change. Sometimes it's hard to accept, especially when this means losing somebody you love.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye, dry your tears, and bravely face the new future.

I miss you, Marinegirl.


Wicked Courtni said...

I <3 this. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)