Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am so lame

Today is a lame day.

There is nothing to do today. Marinegirl (my best friend) is busy with her hot new marine fuck-buddy. My sister (my other best friend) is doing homework (lame..). Dearboyfriend is going out to the buffet with his guy friends today. Crazygirl is attempting to move out of her house into Marinegirl's. I could hit up some grad parties, but I hate going to those kinds of things alone. What a bore.

I've already:
  • eaten. a lot.
  • played the guitar for over an hour
  • did my hair and makeup just in case
  • read through my favorite blogs

Plus, our fridge is broken so we don't have any good food. Or milk. Which I drink in my coffee. Taylor is suffering from a very boring, very coffeeless day. *sigh*

Later tonight I have to work with the new girl. According to my sister and my other co-workers, she's loud and obnoxious, fat, and slow. If I'm lucky, she'll provide me with something interesting to blog about. If I'm unlucky, I'll be bored to hell all night listening to her fatass ramble on and on.

I shouldn't talk like that. It'll give me bad karma.

I'm going to sit in my backyard and creep on CN. I am so lame.

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