Saturday, May 30, 2009

No, dogs do not turn me on.

So. Dearboyfriend (my boyfriend.. obviously..) and I had the worst conversation today. We were heading off to the mall when he asked to go have sex at his house instead. I whined about wanting to go to the mall and conversation stopped for a couple of minutes. He seemed real upset.

Taylor: Are you okay?
DB (dearboyfriend): Yeah, I'm fine, it'd just be... y'know... nice to have a girlfriend that finds me attractive.

Stupid. Of course I find you attractive. Otherwise I wouldn't be with you. Duh.

So we end up having this 15-minute conversation that consisted solely of me convincing him that I still find him attractive. Which I really do. I'm very physically attracted to him and I love sex with him. He's one of those guys that wants me to climax first, yknow? It's awesome.

The real reason I didn't want to go to his house for delicious sex? I'm scared shitless of his dog. The stupid bitch has bitten my feet twice now. I absolutely loathe that stupid dog and I've been avoiding his house for about a month because of it. But DB adores the stupid pooch and so I pretend I like her. He's one of those guys who would be secretly upset at something like me hating his dog. Luckily (and I'm going to have some shit karma for saying this), the dog is like 14 years old and nearing death.

I can't wait.

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