Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And that's what I get for staying up late

The plan: Wake up early. Shower, eat, do makeup. Fix my hair so it looks real messy and sex-kitteny. Get dressed in something very similar to this little number:...

...and then wait for DB at the door. Surprise him with perfect and beautiful and delicious sexy sex.

What really happened: I stayed up real late the night before being my normal lame self. I was stressing over DB's request to have us try role-playing and so I was googling role-playing scripts to help my lame ass prepare. For anyone in a similar situation, this site won't help. The femdom (female domination) section didn't help me at ALL!! They encouraged lots of spitting in mouths. Gag me please. Disgusting.

Reading about sex made me kind of horny, not gonna lie. I decided to google some more femdom stuff. I wanted my plan to go perfectly, after all, and I knew DB would really enjoy me being more dominant. The first (and forever last) website I went to was TERRIBLE!!! Yep, I'm not linking to it. There's no way in HELL I'm subjecting you guys to that. I have never seen so many pictures of tortured man junk in my life. I was going to post some pictures of the shit the poor guys had attached to them, but do I want that on my blog? Nosirree.

Let's just say I was completely disgusted and turned-off of femdom.

But I was still horny.

So I decided to do something I've never done before. Check out porn. I locked my door, threw on some headphones, and googled the all-intriguing word: pornography!. I won't go into details about what I found. Let's just say it wasn't what I was looking for. But, hell, I realized something very important about myself: I hate seeing vag that isn't mine.

At that point it was a few hours past my planned bedtime, but now I didn't feel like going to bed AT ALL. After watching that shit? I'd probably dream of nasty girl vag and wake up screaming. "EeeeeWww!!" Real mature, Taylor. Reeeeal mature,I know.

Anyways. I turned to my ol' stand-by. Blogging!! I discovered this blog and this blog and this blog and laughed a lot. After a few hours of this I got real tired. I needed sleep badly. I figured I didn't have to turn on my alarm; I'd have no trouble waking up early for some *Taylor sings* delicious seeex!!

Fast forward to this morning where I rolled over from a great sleep to discover that it's already 1230 PM!!! I freaked out. I ran upstairs in my comfy pjs to see if he had arrived. Lucky me, DB was just parking and walking up to my door. Shiiit.

I answered the door looking quite like the tired, just-woken-up girl that I was.

Taylor: hey. I accidentally just woke up.

DB: *sighs and laughs sadly*

(he knew about my plan to wear sexy lingerie)

It must suck hardcore to be him.

Plus, the sex was not good. For me. Stupid girls from a stupid porn kept popping into my head and turning me off at the worst moments!! Thanks, porn. Damn you.

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