Tuesday, June 9, 2009

As you can probably tell, I'm still pretty mad

New decision: I hate people.

Why, you ask?

Today DB got his wallet stolen by an ugly stupid whore bitch.

It was noonish and we were driving to get gas. Keep in mind what you should know about DB: he works third shift, and so being up at noon means that he only slept about three hours. He wasn't too focused today.

Anyways, we're getting gas. We pull up, pay, pump gas, blah, blah, blah. And we drive away.

I'm looking out the window like I usually do and something in the rear view mirror catches my eye. It almost looked like something small and black had flown off of the top of DB's car. Dun dun dunnn.

Tay: Hon? Do you have your wallet?
DB: Yeah, why?
Tay: Never mind. I thought I saw something fall of the top of your car.
DB: *feels around in his pocket* SHIT! MY WALLET!

So he FLIES the car around in the most suicidal U-turn I've ever experienced and drives back down the street. It can't be more than 20 seconds after the damn thing flew off the car.

DB: Oh. My. God. I'm pretty sure somebody's picking it up right now. In that white car.

And sure enough, I could see a stupidass ugly whore trash bitch pick something up off the ground and jump back into her pieceofshit car.

*DB and Tay pull up next to the car*
DB: *rolls down the window while waving frantically* Hey. Have you seen a wallet around here?
Stupidass ugly whore trash bitch: No.
DB: Oh. Kay...
*Stupidass ugly whore trash bitch quickly drives off*

We park. We search around. We find a few dollars, a bookstore gift card, and pictures of DB's cousin in the exact place that the Stupidass ugly whore trash bitch's car had been. Exactly where we had seen her get out and pick something up.

The bitch had lied straight to our faces.

DB was angry, but he's good at hiding it. I've never sworn so much in my life.

I'd like to think people are generally good. I really would. I try not to stereotype, I try not to judge, I try to get to know people, and I try to BELIEVE PEOPLE WHEN THEY TELL ME THEY HAVEN'T SEEN A WALLET AROUND. So would DB. Hence us driving away and letting her go without getting her licence plate or anything. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Luckily, DB had been lazy and stuck his credit card into his pant pocket instead of back into the wallet. And he barely had any money because he only uses the credit card now.

I hope her bad karma gives her herpes.

By the way...
--I saw CN getting his mail today and he waved at me. I melted.
--This hot guy I work with (Job #2) complained about his new girlfriend to me. He used to complain about his old girlfriend too. He totally wants me.

The only person in the whole world I don't hate is Maxie, because of this fabulousness:

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Maxie said...

Dude that SUCKS. At least she could have given back his ID and kept the cash. What a biatch!

Thanks for reposting my video!!