Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loving RENT too much? Impossible.

Something you should know about me: I love RENT more than anything else in the entire world. Don't tell DB.

On another note, Marinegirl (my best friend) is leaving me to join the Marines in two weeks. I'm pretty much devastated, so expect a very tearful, depressing blog post in about two weeks.

Marinegirl loves tattoos and to celebrate her leaving, one of our friends (I'll name her the Cheffess... kind of like The Bloggess or a Goddess except she's a Chef. You know.) and I want to get tattoos with Marinegirl.

Dilemma!! Where/what/why. DB told me that, if i get a tattoo, it should have some sort of meaning behind it. Ummmmm...?

In my very-favorite-movie-of-all-time, RENT!, Maureen has a tattoo:

Look at 1:14, because I can't find a picture online. Or, since you can't see it very well, you should just buy this wonderful movie and watch it on your huge TV at home. Or I could just tell you that she has a few stars on her ass. Classy, I know.

Maybe you can guess what I'm getting at. Should I get the exact same effing tattoo on my bum?!?

Need some input. If I don't decide soon, I'm going to end up with the same cliche butterfly on my ankle that every other girl-who-randomly-decided-to-get-a-tattoo has. No offense if you have this tattoo. Really.

By the way...
--I've got the
bitch dog situation under control. I'm only entering/leaving DB's house through his basement door! The bitch dog never comes down there! Win.

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