Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lip rings are hot

Yesterday I got high with the Cheffess.

This was kind of a big deal for me; I haven't smoked since last summer.

She brought me along because she thought I'd like one of her smoking buddies, named Lipring. I did. A lot.

Typical Taylor.

Before going to Lipring's, I hung out with DB. We were both hot-and-bothered by each other and decided to have sex in the woods. However (dammit!!), we ran out of time and I ended up going to Lipring's very horny.

While high, my oversexed (or undersexed?) mind couldn't stop imagining the things I'd do to Lipring if only he'd let me. Don't worry, my bad karma will kill me. I know.

On the drive home, the Cheffess put her iPod on and for some reason, the music made me so incredibly happy. I was so very thankful to be her friend and so amazed at the events that had taken place that night. It was strange.

I'm spending another day with her today.
If you want to be as cool as me, you'll listen to Say So by My Favorite Highway. This is the song that made me oh-so-happy.


SassyGirl said...

You almost got to complete one of your summer to-do items!

Anonymous said...

I know! So so close!