Monday, June 22, 2009

Hold me accountable, please

CN's girlfriend posted a note on facebook listing off her summer goals. I've decided to copy her.

1) Stop obsessing over have-beens (read: CN)
2) Bike the entire bike trail (48 miles!)
3) Reconnect with some old friends
4) Go on a photo-taking excursion
5) Play the guitar and piano more often
6) Develop a regular exercise schedule
7) Have sex in the woods
8) Go skinny-dipping
9) Have a picnic on the beach

CN's girlfriend's list included a lot of things I've always wanted to do. It was quite disturbing for me to realize this. I guess her and I are alike in many ways. Besides the fact that she's a prude and I'm not. Haha, CN.

I win.

By the way...
--Marinegirl left yesterday. The Cheffess and Crazygirl and I watched her leave and then spent all day together, crying. I'll officially blog about it later.
--I bought a pregnancy test, on account of being a week and a half late, and it came out negative. Thank god.
--I think CN's on vacation. His car has been missing from the driveway for days. Yes, I stalk.
--That being said, I didn't think about him very much this weekend.


LiLu said...

You've never been skinny dipping! Get on it, girl... there's nothing like it!

Narm said...

Sex in the woods is dangerous as all hell. Burrs and pinecones and mosquitoes. Trust me - it is one of those that sounds like a great idea until you get out there and have tree bark up your ass!

Taylor said...

LiLu: I know! It's one of those things I've never had the chance to do.

Narm : DB agrees. Dammit, I still want to.

Mrs4444 said...

These are great goals! I especially love the skinny dipping one! :)