Monday, June 15, 2009

Please excuse my drunken blogging

My weekend in a blog post!

Friday was fantastic and horrible. My dear sister and I had a fabulous martini party at my step dad's house. Strange, I know, but he's cool. Kind of cool anyways. Halfway through the night and after we finished off the first bottle of vodka, he began yelling shit about my mom and so we left. Spend the night at Filmguy's house.

The next day I found out I did something very very bad. I texted CN. First I texted him his name and a rhyming word, you know? Like Anna Banana except for it was more CN-BNish. I don't know. He called and I ignored him. He's way christian and perfect and I didn't want him to know I was tipsy. The next day I realized I texted him twice more...

Tay: im so so sry i texted to i didnt mean to im stupid
*no reply*
Tay [one hour later]: im really really sry i texted u i didnt mean to i love you CN.

I love you CN? Really? I LOVE YOU CN?!?!? I can't believe I fucking proclaimed my love for CN over a text. message. He called the next day while I was at work but I ignored it once again. I am so embarrassed. I wonder if he knows that drunken words (or in my case, texts) are sober thoughts.

Saturday... I had to work Job #2 with a crazyass hangover. Luckily I worked with my favorite hot coworkers, including the Gamer, Smileyguy, That hot guy I work with, and my hot manager.
Later on that night I hung out with my girls, Crazygirl and Marinegirl. One week until my dear bff leaves me.

Sunday I worked both jobs and then had sex all night with DB. Fabulous sex. Be jealous. Be very very jealous, women.

A real post will be coming soon. Tomorrow maybe. I'm busy, alrighty?

2 comments: said...

There should be a breathalyzer attached to all phones & computers. Seriously.

Organic Meatbag said...

You had sex with Del Bravo?! Does his dog know? Or his Mom??? Oh wait, wrong Taylor...sorry!
Oh hey, nice blog!