Friday, June 12, 2009

Third time's the charm

Remember the time when DB's wallet got stolen?

We've been trying to get a new licence for a while. I had no idea it was so damn difficult! I've been trying to help DB out with this (because I'm pretty much the most awesome loving girl in the world!) by driving him to and from the Secretary of State (which I'm going to shorten to SOS, because I say it a lot in this post). I don't want him driving licenceless! Anyways. We first started our search for the ever-so-elusive new licence on Wednesday. We planned to meet at his house at 9.

That day.
7:00 my alarm goes off.
7:08 my alarm goes off.
7:16 my alarm goes off.

See a pattern here?

8:00 my alarm goes off. And stays off. Lucky me, if I don't stop hitting snooze within an hour, the alarm clock assumes it's impossible to wake this bum up and gives up. Shiiiit.

11flippin30 the bright near-afternoon sunshine wakes me up.

Tay: *yells out a stream of cuss words waaaay too vulgar for this blog*

DB had texted me plenty of times, wondering where the hell I was, but I had my phone on silent. Smart.

I race over to his house, hair mussed and unshowered (ew), and we race off to the SOS. 3 hours later than we'd planned to. Awesome.

Guess what obstacle we run into next? I'm driving on the highway, upset at myself for being so damn lazy, and we realize that the exit I need is closed for construction. Really? Did it have to be today?

Lucky me, DB knew another way to get there. Or not. His awesome direction skills led me way out in the middle of nowhere and then back - literally exactly where we had started. Thanks, baby.

DB and I are real annoyed and hungry now, so we decide to put off SOS until the next day and go out for some delicious breakfast instead.

Next day.
DB is prepared with his birth certificate and social-security card. I'm prepared with a new route, highway-free and hopefully free of construction.

We arrive at the SOS quickly enough and all seems perfect. The parking lot wasn't even full! This never happens! Life seemed good.

Until we got inside.

SOS girl: We actually need more identification than this. Bring in some W2 forms, a diploma, maybe some mail of yours? Anything like that will work.

W. T. F. Seriously!?!?

The funny thing is, DB had googled the SOS online to make sure he had everything he needed. And that liar website told us that he only needed his SS number and the birth certificate.

We were fuming. And hungry again.

Cue some more delicious breakfast.

Third time's the charm, right? And it was, thank you very much. I don't know what I would have done if I had to drive back home and then back out there again. Probably just go out for breakfast.

Happy weekend :)

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