Monday, July 20, 2009

I Ramble on Mondays (2)

It's kind of like Friday Fragments, except I'm just ramblin' on and on about my weekend. After all, did you really expect a REAL post on a Monday?!? Really.

The Dealer threw a fantastic party at his place last night. I finally got to meet his potential girlfriend, there were so many people there that I haven't talked to in a while, everybody was happy and chill and...I don't know. It was just real fun.

I met a guy there last night, we'll name him The Drunk, who was pretty fun to talk to. Later that night I found out that he tried to drive home from the party, hit a trash can, got pulled over, and went to jail. Holy shit.

I gave Guitarguy a hug for the first time last night. I'm one of those weird girls that loves-loves hugs.

DB wants to talk. Dun dun dunnn. I don't know about what and I was pretty drunk when he was trying to explain over texting:

Tay: I love u.
DB: I really want 2 talk. Love u 2
Tay: Damn nothing wrong right? Im sry about earlier :/ *referring to a minor fight*
DB: Theres some issues...I accept ur apology :* im sry too
Tay: Phlease dont be mad.
DB: Im not mad. I dont get mad remember? Just sad. Very very sad.
Tay: Theres nothing wrong with this :( ur making me nervous about talking
DB: There's nothing wrong with what? And dont b nervous i just have a buildup of things i need 2 let out
Tay: K but if u blow up about this imma be upset.
DB: Not 2 b rude but u cant tell what i cant do. And if theres gonna b any blow up itll b water not fire. But i wont :] i love u so goddamn much taylor
Tay: i love u so goddamn much too :) thats why im worried about this
DB: Why r u worried? I just really need 2 say some things that have been inside me. Its like trying 2 hold on 2 a ball of needles. Dont worry therell b no br8kup
Tay: ok good. Imma go now tho. Love uuu.
DB: I loooooooooovvee uuu 2 sweetie. Text me when u get the chance

Did I tell you that LipRing has a girlfriend? Well, he does. I'm not even that upset either. It'd be easier to hate her if 1) she wasn't awesome 2) I didn't have a boyfriend and 3) if LipRing knew I like him. I'm supposed to be getting ready to go have lunch with them (and Redhead and the Cheffess and some other guy) right now.

I'd love to hear about your weekends if you feel like ramblin'.


Jill Pilgrim said...

My weekend was not nearly that interesting. It consisted mostly of sleeping. And eating. Twas glorious!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Oh man i've had lipring men trouble in the past lol...