Thursday, July 23, 2009

TMI Thursday: What Have I Done?!?

TMI Thursday
It's TMI Thursday, bitches!! Hosted by the lovely LiLu, as always. Enjoy...

So. DB and I were texting yesterday. We were discussing our relationship problems. Meh.

DB: It's not fair that you get to do what you want [drugs] and I don't get to do what I want [buttsex]!
Tay: Lol. Fine. But only if you smoke with me.
Tay: (haha)
DB: Ooh, she drives a hard bargain. I guess I have no choice but to agree!
DB: (haha)
Tay: What, really? I'm so excited!
DB: What? Yesterday you told me you'd rather eat a live mouse than have buttsex.
Tay: ...

(it's true)


LiLu said...

At least the greenery should help... ;-)

Sorry about missing your post last week! I am an idiot... I fixed it and promise it will never happen again! xoxo

f.B said...

the buttsex is a key point in any relationship, even when it's just a hilarious fail and doesn't go as planned.

Zan said...

The greenery will definitely help in the buttsex department (not sure about the live mouse eating...ugh)...something about that greenery totally turns me into an uninhibited whore...

Anonymous said...

My ex-gf always said that if I were to penetrate her behind she would return the favour with an object of equal size.

I believe she inteded to do so but we ended up breaking up before she did. Not that I care, could have been amusing enough to try once.