Monday, August 24, 2009

The Most Awesome Weekend in the History of Weekends. Seriously.

I've had the most fantastic weekend!! Seriously.


I got together with MY GIRL The Cheffess to smoke. Lipring, Redhead, The Drunk, and another nameless character were there. I found out that Lipring cheated on his super-nice girlfriend. I don't like him nearly as much as I did...

But the night was fantastic to say the least.


Was even more fucking fantastic! The Cheffess and I went to a party. Highlights?
  • Aaron telling me to call him anytime I'm single
  • Aaron (drunk) announcing to everybody that I'm "absolutely gorgeous and SO cute"
  • The Dealer's girlfriend inviting me to smoke alone with her and the Dealer. Seriously, what a fucking sweetheart!
  • Even though the Cheffess left at midnight, I stayed out 'til 3.
  • Guitarguy playing a song for me
  • Guitarguy teaching me a song on the guitar
  • Hugs goodbye from Aaron and Guitarguy
  • Guitarguy in general
  • Seriously. Guitar-fucking-guy
  • Beer pong with Aaron (yeah... we lost)
  • Smoking with my sister's preppy ex-boyfriend and then telling her about it


CN texted me. He broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to know if I was single. No, I'm not, but we still texted all day. I still waited anxiously for every reply. I still opted out of going out with DB to stay at home and text him. I still confessed my unhappiness with my current relationship. And then he visited me at work...

I still believe I may or may not love him.

Song of the Day: The Flood by Escape The Fate
What did you do this weekend?


Elizabeth Marie said...

Umm I need the backstory, will stalk further. But what happened when he visited you at work?

I drank a bottle of sangria and ate peanut m&ms. Oh, and I watched Obsessed with Beyonce. Needless to say...


Taylor said...

Elizabeth: I'll blog more about it later, I promise! We actually didn't get very much time to talk at work because I had to close up the shop in 10 minutes...

Yum. Peanut M&Ms sound delicious.

LiLu said...



Wonderful said...

Dude, I agree with your title. Sounds freakin' awesome. Not to mention, who doesn't love being called gorgeous???

It's my birthday today, but I celebrated all weekend complete with a huge hangover and eating cupcakes!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Mine was wrapped up visiting my parents and the in laws. Not as fun for sure. I gave you an award on my blog.

Taylor said...

LiLu: Thanks, I loved it as well :)

Wonderful: Exactly! I was glowing after he said it. Happy birthday!!!

Secret Mom Thoughts: Aw, you're so sweet! Thank you & I'll pass it on soon :)

Lucy said...

Sounds like a weekend of fun with friends,those are always great!!