Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Goals, Revisited

Remember once upon a time when I decided to make summer goals for myself? Yeah... Let's revisit those goals and see how I've done. After all, I go back to the university in 2 days. Summer's just about over for me. *sigh*

1) Stop obsessing over have-beens (CN)
-Success! Not only did I stop obsessing over CN, but we reconnected and finally talked about our past. I've even stopped stalking him! Kinda. Old habits die hard, you know?

2) Bike the entire bike trail (48 miles)
-Fail. DB and I biked half and then turned around. 24 miles is better than nothing, right? I still want to complete this goal.

3) Reconnect with some old friends
-Success! Two words. The Cheffess. We're closer than we ever were in the past. I've had the greatest and craziest summer of my life and I completely owe it to her. We're two of a kind and I absolutely LOVE HER!

4) Go on a photo-taking excursion
-Fail. Does the UP trip count? I don't think so.

5) Play the guitar and piano more often
-Fail. The biggest fail, actually. I haven't played the guitar in a month and my keyboard is collecting dust in the corner of my room. This makes me so sad, music used to be my life. I'm a musician at heart and need to reconnect with the greatest love of my life.

6) Develop a regular exercise schedule
-Fail. Good one, Taylor. I haven't exercised since February. You think I'm joking.

7) Have sex in the woods
-Fail. Trust me, we tried. Here and here. And then we tried again (but I didn't blog about it). It's hard to find a comfortable spot in the forest to fuck. Mosquitoes? Hikers? Yeah.

8) Go skinny-dipping
-Fail. I completely forgot about this

9) Have a picnic on the beach
-Fail. And there's a sad story behind this one. In July, The Dealer invited me to a party. DB and I had plans but I ditched him to go drink/smoke the night away. I found out a week later that DB had planned a picnic-on-the-beach-while-watching-the-sunset for me. He had the food and blankets and everything in the trunk of his car already. Plus? He was bringing his acoustic guitar so he could play a song he had written for me. And I fucking ditched on him. I hate myself. I cried in a public restaurant when I found out.

So there you have it. I should never make summer goals again.

Thanks to everybody that commented yesterday, it meant so much to me. Your advice helped more than you could imagine and I'll be sure to keep you updated. I love you guys!!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Stop saying Fail! Seems like a FTW! to me...especially reconnecting with your girlfriend. Seriously, friends are the best.

Wood fucking is overrated. lol

Happy happy weekend loooover!

Jill Pilgrim said...

I'm with Liz- sex in the woods? 2 words- poison ivy.

Congrats on your successes lady!!